Shooting Incident Reconstruction

Shooting Incident ReconstructionShooting Incident ReconstructionShooting Incident ReconstructionShooting Incident Reconstruction

The Henry Group Investigations, Inc. specializes in crime scene and shooting incident reconstructions.  Mr. Henry and his associates have investigated and reconstructed hundreds of violent crime, homicide and officer involved shooting incidents.  While assigned to the LAPD's Robbery Homicide Division, Mr. Henry participated in numerous high profile murder and police officer homicide investigations.  He also conducted administrative investigations of fatal and non-fatal officer involved shooting investigations that addressed the department’s policy concerns relative to tactics and deployment of deadly force. 

As a District Attorney Investigator in San Diego, he conducted police officer homicide, officer involved shooting and custody death investigations for several years.  While conducting and reconstructing those investigations, Mr. Henry developed a process of scene reconstruction that created to-scale computer generated renderings and animations of the shooting incidents. 

The crime scene and shooting incident reconstructions include:

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